*** Our next performance is on 17 December 21 at White Cube Bergedorf. The 2G rule applies here. Participation after prior registration: info@whitecube-bergedorf.de.***

A dancer, three musicians and a painter - movements, pictures and sounds create fantastic imaginary figures and spaces. Dramatic actions unfold: quickly and expressively, slowly and meditatively. Interaction inspired by intuition. The dancing transforms into pictures. Colours, sounds and rhythms turn into movements. Stories without words.
performance26 was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2011. The members of the group had formerly collaborated in various projects in the field of performing arts and music. In 2019 our saxophonist Klaus Römer retired. The current cast : Bruna Luna (dance), Chris Meyer (keyboards), Claus Hofrichter (guitar), Joern Moeller (percussion, sounds, voice). Since 2013 we have been accompanied by Ukrainian painter Pavel Ehrlich, who with his spontaneously painted, projected works immerses the event in a world full of colours.
The happenings often take place in extraordinary locations - be it as a game with an urban or scenic arrangement, be it as a direct entertainment (and in the immediate vicinity) of the audience. This can mean playing on the stage of a theatre, at an exhibition opening in an art gallery, in the streeet or at some other public location (in a church or in a shop, in a swimming bath or a hotel suite).